hypnagogic jerk
Jack straw cultural center.
produced by Rachel Green + seth sexton.
 march 2014.


Video: Jack Straw Cultural Center. Editor: Rachel Green. Music: Daniel Salo.


Hypnagogic Jerk is a multi-media look at the processes involved in falling asleep. Artists Rachel Green and Seth Sexton are exploring the mind’s submission to the process of sleep and the physical body’s resistance to it. They are also exploring the realm of consciousness, the realm of dreams, and the interpretation of reality. Green and Sexton use movement to express the ways that these realms interact with each other in the moments before sleep paralysis. The gallery installation will include guest artists, live performances, and an original sound score written by Daniel Salo .

During the two month exhibition Rachel led discussions and performed for visiting college classes. The piece included a series of workshops  Over three consecutive weekends, sighted and visually impaired students from Seattle and around the region participated in hands-on art, music, and movement workshops with Rachel, Seth and Jack Straw teaching artists Susie Kozawa and Esther Sugai. This project was provided under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as part of their VSA Arts Access for Kids program. 

Co-Producers: Rachel Green and Seth Sexton
Cinematographer: Julio Ramirez
Film PA: Chris Duerkopp
Composition: Daniel Salo
Photographer: Bruce Clayton Tom

Supported by Jack Straw Cultural Center & in conjunction with VSA Arts Access for Kids Program