Directed / Performed / Edited: Rachel Green.
Cinematography: Joscelyn Tarbox
Composer: Daniel Salo

Signal is a mixed media performance and installation created in part with Duwamish Revealed. The piece was displayed in a warehouse space at Herring's House Park in August of 2015. The trailer previews a 45 minute film created for Signal. The film screened, large-scale, within the installation during the live performance.

Directed / Produced / Edited by Rachel Green.
Cinematography by Joscelyn Tarbox, additional footage by Reed O'Beirne.
Composed by Daniel Salo. 

Signal is a mixed media installation and performance piece at Herring's House Park presented August 2015 as part of the Duwamish Revealed Festival.

Performance Credits: Writer /Director / Choreographer: Rachel Green Co-Producers: Rachel Green and Daniel Salo Performers: Chantael Duke, Belle Wolf, Emma Sargeant, Rachel Green Costumes: Anna Telcs and Anna Conn Music: Daniel Salo Choreography: Rachel Green Video Director / Editor: Rachel Green Cinematography: Joscelyn Tarbox Lighting Design: Mercedes Aristotle Lindholm Production Assistant: Jenn Govola and Richard O’Leary Carpenter: David Nelson Print and Design: Andrew Crashaw/Broken Press Supported by Duwamish Revealed 

Trailer by Rachel Green

The Earth and Belle - Select Audio and Video Excerpts From 50 Minute Live Performance.

Produced by Rachel Green and Daniel Salo.
Composed by Daniel Salo.
Featuring Vocalist Rachel Green.
Visuals Directed / Edited by Rachel Green.
Performers: Rachel Green (Vocals), Daniel Salo (Piano), Garek Druss (Electronics), David Alexander Nelson (Guitar) Live Footage by Katelyn Norris and Photographs taken by Bruce Clayton Tom and Katelyn Norris, cinematography by Joscelyn Tarbox, Live Recording by Robb Kunz.

Performed Live at The Chapel on 8.25.2016

9e2 Official Trailer

Videography & Edit by Rachel Green. Produced by Smarthouse Creative. Music by Monika Khot.

9e2 Seattle, founded by John Boylan, is an art exhibition and performance series commemorating “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering,” an iconic exhibition 50 years ago in New York that sparked a new era of collaboration between artists, scientists, and engineers.