"Earth and Ceremony's 'I Want to Hear the Sea' seemed to stun the audience with its power and beauty."

Rich Smith, The Stranger (Read More Here) 

"...the two artists perform a dance in an actual forest that looks primeval, a sort of kill or be killed place. In the twilit bed/forest, they visited waking and dreaming across the rough in-between. She accompanied her own recorded voice at times, maybe leading, maybe following it. Their jerking and falling, resisting and succumbing, was transporting yet so familiar. I empathized with my own body." 

Jen Graves, The Stranger (Read More Here)

“I’m drawn to installation art because of the freedom,” she says. “It’s an immersive world, so nothing’s off limits. It gives me the opportunity to combine many mediums—music, film, poetry, sculpture—into one.” - Rachel Green via Undercurrents. 

Jeffrey Rindskopf, Undercurrents (Read More Here)

“Standing back to back, with our heads wrapped around one another, resting, represents duality, balance, weight, surrender, connectivity, and the searching for something beyond oneself, hope. We look peaceful standing there and we are. Smoke Farm creates space to think about creativity without limits, to dream." - Rachel Green via City Arts

City Arts Magazine (Read More Here)